Written by Tim Kelly. Directed by Rianna Hartney-Smith


Roddy - Dave Fraser
Pam - Peta Simeon
Commander Brooke - Peter Barrett
Stella - Nicola Barrett
Wendy - Sophie Lawson
Max - Lachlan Sutherland
Dr Scott - Nathan Schulz
Lizzie - Tracy Carroll
Mrs Jessup - Margaret Radcliffe
Miss Holloway - Cecile Campbell


To escape the demand of life in London, Pam and her brother Roddy discover a charming house in the West of England overlooking the Irish Sea. The house, Cliff End has long been empty and they are able to purchase it at a suspiciously low price. The reason is soon apparent, the house has an unsavoury reputation. Fifteen years earlier, a murder may or may not have occurred by the gnarled tree out near the cliff. Slowly Pam and Roddy begin to sense the evil spirit that still inhabits the house, announcing its presence with a sudden, bone-chilling cold. The village doctor, the local gossip and a former governess visit with strange stories of the beautiful Mary Meredith who once lived in the house and of the striking, unstable Carmel who posed for a painting that led to her destruction. With the help of Mary's daughter Stella whose mysterious birth holds the key to the puzzle, a seance is held where Cliff End is at last forced to reveal its secrets

Show Dates

August 10th - 26th
(Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 7:30pm QLD Time

Matinees 12th & 19th
Saturday 2:00pm QLD Time